National Startup Awards 2023 Winners List | National Startup Awards 2023

National Startup Awards 2023 Winners List | National Startup Awards 2023

Startup India listed 84 finalists for the competition, of which the government awarded 20 startups across 15 categories, including ‘Women led innovation’, ‘NextGen Innovator’, ‘Champions of Cultural Heritage’, ‘Pivot Pro Award’, among others. The selected startups hail from various sectors including agritech, fintech, insurtech, and climatetech.

National Startup Awards 2023 Winners List

Celebrating the National Startup Day, the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) announced the names of the winners of the National Startup Awards 2023

National Startup Awards 2023 Winners List :

Startups Sector State Founders Brief
Axial Aero Defence Telangana Bala Praveen Kumar, Ramesh Krishnan The startup offers advanced control systems, propulsion systems, simulation technologies, and hybrid electric aircraft solutions to meet defence needs.
Country Clay (OPC) Handicrafts Delhi Rashi Akar, Siddhant Agarwal It offers luxury cookery, dinnerware, bathware, and decorative products from different states of India.
Blackfrog Technologies Healthtech Karnataka Mayur Shetty, Donson D Souza Blackfrog has developed a portable device called Emvólio equipped with unique fast cooling method intended for safe last-mile delivery of controlled medical supplies, including insulin, blood serums, vaccinations, and other biologicals.
Atsuya Technologies Climate Tech Tamil Nadu Rahul Ganapathy, Sridar Swamy The startup helps busisnesses achieve their sustainability goals leveraging AI, Deep Tech, and IoT.
SNL Innovations Agritech Rajasthan Sudhanshu Gupta, Dr. Liza Mittal The startup’s InnoFarms allows to set up a mini aseptic fruit processing facility at convenience to turn excess ripened fruits into pulp for making other products.
Aumsat Technologies Agritech Maharashtra Riddhish Soni Aumsat’s hydrolytic services allow public utilities and irrigation departments to precisely detect, analyse, and forecast water leakages, ruptures, and spills in water transmission networks without the need for physical presence in the field.
Nanosafe Solutions Biotech Delhi Anasuya Roy, Prof. Mangala Joshi It offers B2B innovations concentrated on offering antimicrobial solutions to the electronics, paint, polymer, textile, automotive, and cosmetics industries.
Aum Paper Products Sustainability Karnataka Ekta Chandan It specialises in producing paper packaging solutions for the retail, FMCG, and ecommerce industries.
Atypical Platform HRTech Jharkhand Vineet Saraiwala, Asmita Agrawal, Priyambada Nath, Shradha Kundra This business provides end-to-end technology platforms that help corporates in their efforts to become inclusive and create employment possibilities for people with disabilities (PWDs).
Saif Automations Services Robotics Andhra Pradesh Ahmed Shaikh Abdeally, Taher Calcuttawala, Aliasgar Calcuttawala It is a robotics and automation startup that develops a life-saving buoy with remote control for beach safety.
Krishigati Electric Bull Agritech Maharashtra Sonali Weljali, Tukaram Sonawane An agritech startup, it provides tech solutions for contemporary, precision farming as well as creative solutions for cross-cultural operations.
Avinya Infinity Solutions Healthtech Kerala Arijit Majumdar, Brajgopal Chakraborty The startup has developed tech-based products to cater to disinfection and sanitisation needs.
Jiva Business Ventures Insurtech Telangana Nandagopal Pothula, Abhijit Pothula, Kiranreddy Kumar Dhanireddy The insurtech platform offers affordable client-specific customisation by acting as a dynamic product configurator for any insurance policy.
Canectar Foods Foodtech Maharashtra Kirty Datar, Milind Datar The startup offers an innovative beverage industry invention, CaneBOT which is a fresh sugarcane juice smart robotic vending machine.
VVP Healthcare Evolution Healthtech Maharashtra Pankaj Sindhu, Pankaj Agrawal It provides AI powered e-prescription software enabling the digitisation of handwritten prescription data connecting the patient’s complete journey with pharmacy, pathology, radiology, etc. until it is fulfilled.
Vividminds Technologies Deeptech Telangana Gautam Nimmagadda It is a robotics and automation startup, that provides a user-friendly digital transformation platform, Quixy, that enables business users to create an infinite number of enterprise-grade applications using a straightforward drag-and-drop design.
Eeki Automation Agritech Rajasthan Abhay Singh, Amit Kumar Eeki provides a special farm setup service to people who want to make the most of their underutilised land.
Breathe Applied Sciences Climate Tech Karnataka Sebastian C. Peter, Umesh V. Waghmare, Rakshith Raghavan Belur The startup provides an effective technological solution for the integrated transformation of carbondioxide into purified methanol and other high-energy-density chemicals.
Greenviro Global Climate Tech Tamil Nadu Muruganandam VN The startup transforms agricultural waste from large-scale coconut farms in southern India are recycled and turned into valuable charcoal.
Autocracy Machinery Agritech Telangana Santoshi Buddhiraju, Laxman Vallakati, Brahma N Reddy Vanga It offers specialised gears and attachments such as trenchers, pole diggers, ditchers, etc for agriculture and construction in India.


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FAQs on National Startup Awards 2023 Winners

Q1: What are the National Startup Awards 2023?

A1: The National Startup Awards 2023 is an annual recognition program organized to celebrate and honor outstanding startups that have made significant contributions to the economy and society.

Q2: How are the winners selected?

A2: Winners are selected through a rigorous evaluation process that includes criteria such as innovation, scalability, social impact, and overall business performance. An expert panel of judges reviews the applications and selects the most deserving startups in various categories.

Q3: When were the winners announced?

A3: The winners of the National Startup Awards 2023 were announced on 16th January 2024. The ceremony recognized and celebrated the achievements of these startups in different sectors.

Q4: In which categories were the awards presented?

A4: The awards were presented in various categories such as Technology, Social Impact, Innovation, Sustainability, and many more. Each category aims to acknowledge startups that have excelled in specific areas.

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